Saginaw Valley Baptist District Association - 62 Years - 1959-2021

On April 18, 1959, Bethesda, Bethlehem, Clearstone, New Jerusalem, Prince of Peace and Truevine Baptist Church met at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church for the purpose of organizing a new district association.

At the meeting, Dr. J. P. Wilson expressed the need to promote a stronger religious relationship between the Baptist churches in this area.  The objectives were: Mutual understanding, preaching of the Gospel, teaching the message, establishing a home mission, encouraging and supporting Christian Education; all to be carried on through the parent body, boards and departments.

The first officers were Moderator, Dr. J. P. Wilson; Woman's Auxiliary President, Sis. Willa Mae Merkerson; Congress President, Pastor E. W. Bothuel; Laymen President, Bro. Alva Watson; Ushers President, Bro. Clifton R. Spencer and Local Ministers President, Pastor James Dorsey.

Throughout the years Saginaw Valley District has continued to fellowship in Christian love.  The various auxiliaries have been actively involved in the community by donating their time, talents and finances.

We are forever grateful to God for all those pioneers who paved the way, and His amazing grace that brought us thus far and by our faith which will lead us on.  To God be the Glory!!

Past Moderators:

1959 - 1993 Dr. J. P. Wilson - Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church (Deceased)                                          

1993 - 1999 Dr. Roosevelt Austin - Zion Missionary Baptist Church (Deceased)

1999 - 2003 Pastor Robert E. Donald - New Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church                

2003 - 2007 Pastor Paul E. Broaddus - Truevine Missionary Baptist. Church 

2007 - 2011 Pastor Robert B. Corley, Jr. - Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church  

2011  - 2015 Pastor Otis Washington - Messiah Missionary Baptist Church         

2016 - 2019 Pastor Rodrick A. Smith - Zion Missionary Baptist Church  

2020 -           Pastor Roy L. Manning, Sr. - CorinthianMissionary Baptist Church