Saginaw Valley Baptist District

2019-2022 Officers

Moderator                                                                    Rev. Dr. Roy L. Manning, Sr. (Corinthian MBC)

Assistant to the Moderator                                         Pastor Rodrick A. Smith, (Zion MBC)

Vice Moderator at Large                                            Pastor Delwin C. Tatum, (Shiloh MBC)

1st Vice Moderator                                                      Pastor Johnie Edwards, (Mt. Moriah)

2nd Vice Moderator                                                     Pastor Ernest Reed, (Greater Solid Rock MBC)

Congress President                                                       Pastor Alebert Haynes, (Mt. Zion MBC)

Finance Director                                                            Sis. Darliane Green-Blackmon

Asst. Finance Director                                                  Rasheeda Corley, (Prince of Peace MBC)

Treasurer                                                                       Deacon James Voltx, (Truevine MBC)

Assistant Treasurer                                                      Deacon Charles Mitchner, (Zion MBC)

Corresponding Secretary                                             Sis. Theresa Plowden, (Corinthian MBC)

Woman's Auxiliary President                                     Sis. Tineen McDole, (Mt. Sinai MBC)

1st Vice President                                                         Sis. Tammara Corley, (Prince of Peace MBC)

2nd Vice President                                                        Sis. Katrina Rhoden, (Mt. Moriah MBC)

3rd Vice President

Youth Directress                                                           Sis. Carolle Walker, (Bethlehem MBC)

Assistant Youth Directress                                          Sis. Stacey Marshall, (Zion MBC)

 Laymen Ministries                                                       Deacon Danny McDole, (Mt. Sinai MBC)

Local Ministries                                                            Minister Reginald Cameron, Mt. Moriah MBC)

Usher's Ministries                                                         Sis. Dorothy Tarver, (Messiah MBC)

Minister's Wives & Widows, Chairperson                 Sis. Tammy Reed, (Greater Solid Rock MBC)

Minister's Wives and Widows, Co-Chairperson        Sis. Deshondus Tatum, (Shiloh MBC)

Deaconess Wives and Widows, Chairperson              Sis. Sylvia George, (New Mt. Calvary MBC)

Deaconess Wives and Widows, Co-Chairperson        Sis. Debra Austin, (Zion MBC)