2019-2020 Woman's Auxiliary Committees



Business & Professional Women “  Shirley Cooper, Chairperson

Emma Atwater, Georgia Barkley, Ceylon Bettis, Tena Bond, Rhonda Butler, Mildred Dorsey Bell, Harriet Douglas, Sharon Floyd, Gladys Humes, Ava Lewis, Loubertha Little, Gwendolyn Lowery, Brenda Martin, Antoinette Matthews, Jackie Porterfield, Janet Pruitt, Mary H. Robinson, Shirley Sangster, Ella Scott, Rosetta Screws, Johnnie Mae Simmons, Helen Jiles, Ola Morris, 


Christian Women with Special Concerns “ Sister Jewel Bradley Humphrey, Chairperson

Lillian Brown, Rochelle Burrage, Lessie Lyons, Josephine Ray, Dr. Jean O. Smith, Mazie Wilmer


Committed Women “ Sister Helen Browning, Chairperson

Dorothy Bowman, Helen Brooks, Clotile Mounger, Lou Dean Moultrie, Doris Murry, Laura Terry, Marie Tolliver


Community Involvement “ Sister Jannis Corley, Chairperson

Rasheda Corley, Tammara Corley, Addie Jones, Ava Lewis, Josephine Pelt, Dorothy Sidney, Cynthia Simington, Kimberly Wilson, Shirley Smith


Deaconess  & Widows “ Sister Denise Sykes, Chairperson                                                                                         All Saginaw Valley District Deaconess Wives and Widows


Education “ Sister Lisa Williams, Chairperson                                                                                                       Equilar Harris,  Mazie Wilmer, Patricia Williams, Deborah Williams, Sylvia George, Mildred Dorsey-Bell


Evangelism “ Sister Shirley Smith, Chairperson,  Shirley Williams, Co-Chairperson

Evelyn Culberson, Jennie Culberson, Juanita Holmes,


Floral & Sunshine “ Sister Mazie Wilmer, Chairperson

Minnie Caldwell, Ethel Drain, Jannie Gaines, Lessie Lyons, Lois Robinson, Faye McKinnie, Lois Mills, Thelma Nichols, Tammy Reed, Ruth Wilson, Cheldora Haynes, 


Hospital Supplies“ Sister Shirley Murry, Chairperson

Bernice Berry, Ora Brown, Cremonia Gibson, Jewel Bradley Humphrey, Joyce Neal, Josephine Pelt, Ella Scott, Aria Taylor


Ministers Wives & Widows “ Sister Doris Jones, Chairperson

All Saginaw Valley District Ministers Wives and Widows


Sharon M. Floyd Scholarship “ Sister Rhonda Butler, Chairperson

  Shirley Cooper, Sharon Floyd, Helen Jiles, Nettie King, Mary Robinson


Volunteers “ Sister Lucy Smith, Chairperson, Sister Denise Sykes, Co-Chairperson

Dorris Brooks, Sylvia George, Sarah North-Green, Bobbie Haynes


Ways and Means “ Sister Sharon Floyd, Chairperson

Karen Cork, Shirley Cooper, Jannis Corley,  Bobbie Craver,


Willie M. Merkerson Outreach Ministry “ Sister Claudia Abner, Chairperson

Helen Browning,  Equilar Harris,  Lozella Harris, Denise Sykes, Shirley Jones, Mary McCray